Wowtrack not updating

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Transferring to another account is easy as long as the registered account names are the same. You can then change/create your battle tag on your new account (if you leave a character on the old account that battle tag won't be logged in again and will display time away etc. I don't think all you fos and ach's will come to new account, some mounts and pets won't transfer either so your new account will look quite different. Make a posting in your realmforum and tell the other ppl on the server how shitty your behaviour is? Besides you said it pretty clear in your first post: "I can't handle it". Not sure if that helps atall, sounds like a guild bank raid to me :-)Get some Balls. If they still try to convince you or act like smelly ass, than you can be happy that you quit. Telling people to "****off" from behind a computer screen is not "growing balls" ... Again, I reiterate, I will tell them I am leaving, but after doing so, I would just like to do so in private. Also, I never said I was "famous." I said I was popular there's a difference and I do believe it pays to know so that in the future you don't make these little mistakes because they don't reflect well upon your intellect. Log into the game, do so and log back out, then click "Check" Step 5) Go back to Login Form :: Wo WProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings Step 6) Check "Hide Transfers" Step 7) Done Transferring: Step 1) When you transfer, make sure the option I talked about in the first section is checked.

Change characters name/realm/faction, not sure if changing the name before or after transfer is best. Just leave the guild, say ****off and transfer the server. Tell you're guild "you can't handle it", you're decision is made, and if they try to convince you, you just say "respect my decision, i'm done and deal with it". Assume I am some guild ninja, moving to Moon Guard to ERP, some troll... All I simply want is to know how to transfer in private, you know why? Step 2) On your destination realm, have someone on another account take your character name so you'll be forced to name change Step 3) Rename all your battle pets that you've given names.

Hello folks and please bear with me for this rather long read With this new Blizzard sale, I want to buy a fresh account and consolidate my 90s into that account.

Here's the thing: I am a very skilled and accomplished raider, and I am popular.

If they make an alt to whisper you again, that's now considered harassment by Blizzard, and by ignoring right away and not replying, you're following the standards they set out and you can report them. You really helped to clarify what I already knew and you also gave me some good tips that I did not know. What you see here in this thread is just a part of the research I have done while learning how to maintain some privacy for my avatars in Wo W. I know Wo W relationships are often not worth a plug nickel and chances are those guildies are gonna say, "Oh, she just transferred to [whatever server]" and leave it at that, but I would STILL rather have it private.I have always been a very respectful player who has never looked down her nose on others just because they aren't above average gamers.All I want is to get away from the charts, logs, the guild meetings; the elitist attitudes, and most of all the damn testosterone of the raiding scene.I have over 95% of the recipes for both profs, crazy titles, heroic boss kills from all tiers of Mo P. Plus, tbh, I really like the char -- I don't just wanna lose her and start over.So how can I transfer her and hide from all those sites that show your transfers?

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